• Michael Vassar, Supervisor of Operations and Maintenance - Phone#:  860-779-6655

    Kristi Keeley, Secretary - Phone#:  860-779-6659

    Mission Statement
    The mission of the Killingly Public Schools Maintenance Department is to provide quality building maintenance services to the students, staff and community members who utilize the school district facilities. Our aim is to meet those needs by maintaining school buildings, grounds, landscapes, turf and outdoor facilities in a manner that provides a safe and comfortable environment which is conducive to a positive learning experience.

    Our methods of assessment include regular on-site inspections of our facilities, maintaining regular dialog with relevant staff groups and professionals to ensure standards are being met and/or improvements are communicated to guarantee efficient correction.  Effective retention of school assets by means of proper maintenance eliminates or reduces to a minimum level of risk of fires, accidents and safety hazards; thereby, protecting occupants as well as the public's capital investment.

Last Modified on November 6, 2018