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Hello-  I am Jamie Carver and a member of the art department at Killingly High School.  I am a graduate of KHS and became a member of the faculty in 2003.  I attended Springfield College and CCSU to complete my undergrad studies.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education with a concentration in drawing.  My Masters degree is in Technology Integration which I completed with Grand Canyon University. I currently teach Graphic Design I, II, & Digital Imaging as well as Drawing I & Drawing II.

I use google classroom to post assignments and links that are helpful.  As of right now google does not offer a parent view option, but they are constantly updating so hopefully that comes soon!  In addition I use the remind app for reminders.  Parents can be added to this!  If you would like to be linked to our class remind app be sure to look for their code on the syllabus or email me at and I can help you and share the code. 


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The Graphic and fine arts career pathways are about challenging students to express and communicate themselves in a visual way. There is never one answer to a problem in the art room.  Students have to problem solve, think creatively, make decisions, and take risks in order to create their own answer.

In the fine arts we work to create compositions that we hope will communicate and move people. In the graphic arts we work to create real life examples of illustration, advertising, page layout, and product design that serve a specific purpose of communication.
Here are four of my favorite reasons for making art a part of every students life...
1. The arts help students become more observant and conscious of the world around them. 
2. All employers are looking for persistent, observant, innovative individuals who are capable of making connections and reflecting on what they have done. That is what we do everyday, every class.


 3.  Our artists challenge our assumptions in ways that many cannot and do not. They expand our understandings, and push us to view our world in new and very unexpected ways….. 


4.  Art is an outlet, an opportunity, and a change in how we look and think about things.