Department Name: Information Technology
    IT Image
    Anthony Tomah

    Network Administration
    William Gebo
    William Corriveau 
    Jeff Lee
    Stephen Marchesseault
    Thomas Payne
    Benjamin Ward

    Secretary & PS Support:
    Rose LeBeau

    Description: The Information Technology Department maintains and supports the district's technology infrastructure (computers, printers, servers, telephones, audio-visual devices, and the interconnecting network) and defines and implements technology projects and initiatives that assure the successful execution of the district's mission-critical academic and administrative objectives. Please visit our Current Projects page to view our on-going efforts.

    The Department is responsible for accomplishing these objectives for each of the district's schools, the Central Offices and the Transportation Department. We are also working directly with the project architect and technology consultant to develop and expand the infrastructure required to support the district's new high school facility.