• Mr. Dodge and StudentName: Ernest W. Dodge
    Grade/Subject: English and Latin (9-12); Adjunct instructor University of Connecticut
    Phone: (860)779-6620

    B. A. College of the Holy Cross, classics and English
    graduate study in classics at Brown University
    M. A. T. Connecticut College, classics and English

    Courses Taught
    Honors/ College Preparatory Latin I
    Honors Latin II
    AP/ UConn E.C.E Latin Literature (Cicero and Catullus)
    AP/ UConn E.C.E Latin Epic (Vergil's Aeneid)
    AP English Literature and Composition/
    UConn E. C. E. English 111 (Seminar in Literature and Composition)

    As one having a long interest in reading, discussing, and writing about literature, I welcome K. H. S. students to this great experience in learning about our roots, our language, and the wealth which comes from studying ancient language and great literature ranging from the classical period to the twenty-first century. Reading, speaking, questioning, and writing lead one to finding oneself, relating to others, opening up to cultural differences, and understanding of cycles and change which have impacted our literature, history, and culture.
    The intention is that your years of study at K. H. S. will lead to a lifetime of reading and writing intelligently and sensitively. A good student reads to develop understanding yet always questions. As John Irving writes in the voice of his narrator, John Wheelwright, in A Prayer for Owen Meany, "It was Owen Meany who taught me that any good book is always in motion--from the general to the specific, from the particular to the whole and back again" (324).   Good reading is a skill you will develop always.

    English 040 serves as preparation of the Advanced Placement Examination in Literature and Composition.

    Students who preregister in the University of Connecticut's Early College  Experience Program and ultimately earn a grade of C or higher will earn 4 credits in English 111 at the University of Connecticut.

    The Early College Experience Program has received national approval through NACEP. Therefore, credit may be transferrable.