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        "History is a tool. History helps us to make informed choices as to the path we opt to follow in our   lives.    History can foreshadow our journey upon that path to potentially the best or potentially the worst outcomes of our choices."

                                            - Mr. Minikowski                                                               

    David Minikowski               
    Grade/Subject: American Studies
                               CP US History

    Social Studies Department Chair

    Email: click onto staff directory link


    Sacred Heart University - 6th Year Advanced Professional Certificate in
    Educational Leadership/Administration

    University of New Haven - Master of Science in Education

    Eastern Connecticut State University - Bachelor  of Arts in history/social sciences
     summa cum laude

    State Certifications:
    026 - social studies gr.7-12                  
    092 - Administration
    TEAM Mentor                         

    Connecticut State University system co-operating teacher (ECSU affiliation)

    Killingly School District Curriculum Committee Member
    KHS Program Council Member
    KHS School Improvement Team Member
    I am glad that you are visiting my webpage. 
    If you are a student or a parent of one of my students I have included a course description (below) of the American Studies  and US History that I will be teaching this year. I am excited about using the brand new US History textbook and online activities that has been acquired for use this year.
    In the event that you are seeking to contact me, please use my email address, as I check emails frequently and will generally respond within 24 hours upon reading the email. I am typically present and available in the school building for additional help from  2:25 PM to 2:45 PM Tuesday to Thursday, although it is wise to check with me as my schedule is often subject to change due to school related  meetings and committee responsibilities.
    I look forward to an exciting 2017 - 2018  school year!
    Mr. Minikowski
    Course Description:

    American Studies

    This course is team taught with Mrs. Rockwell. The course is an interdisciplinary  humanities style course with a focus on American government , citizenship and  the  political, social , and intellectual  history of the United States combined with the study  of themes and skills  within the scope of the  language arts. There  is a strong focus on  academic reading and writing skills in this course. The class expectations include discussion sessions, individual and group projects, and oral and written reports.
    CP United States History

    This course is a study of our nation's history from 1877 to the present. The course provides a survey of the economic, political, and social elements that comprise our cultural identity. The course provides this study through a combination of lecture and inquiry into the many topics covered during this time period. The course stresses the development of history research and writing skills which align with the Common Core of State Standards.

     Grades may be accessed by parents and guardians via the PowerSchool online feature. When viewing grades online, please note that grades are often subject to revision due to the nature of teaching and learning. Grades may change as a marking period progresses. Grades are not considered finalized by the teacher until the due date of an assignment. Quarterly grades are finalized the last day of each marking period.
    In the event of a student absence it is the student's responsibility to  contact their "go to" person, a fellow classmate, for any missed work, notes, or assignments information presented at the time of the absence.