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    Winter Season

    The Indoor Track and Field season is a Winter Sport. We compete in the ECC Medium Division. The majority of the meets are held at the Floyd Little Athletic Center in New Haven, Connecticut and the divisional meets are scheduled at The Coast Guard Acadamy in New London, Connecticut. Practices are every day after school and are held in the school hallways. The team works out in the weight room 3 days a week to build on athletisism as well as gain speed and strength. Competition Tuesday's and Team Building Wednesday's are also apart of the team's weekly routine. You can find more information on the Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field Webpage. The link is at the bottom of this page. 


  • The Boys' and Girls' Indoor Track Head Coach is, Josh Fortin. Coach Fortin is a Killingly High graduate, class of 2010. In high school he was 3-year starter and an All-State and All-Conference wide receiver in football, 3-year starter and Co-Captain for basketball, and a 2-year varsity track and field athlete and competed in the Pole Vault, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, and 100m sprint. After high school, Fortin played football for 4 years at Worcester State University where he majored in Health Education and took an interest in functional training exercises. Currently Coach Fortin is teaching at Killingly Intermediate School and also is an assistant coach for football in the Fall along with is the head coach for the Boy's Outdoor Track team in the Spring. 

    Varsity Qualifications

    There are 3 ways to qualify for your varsity letter in Indoor Track:
    1) Qualify for states (see attached sheet for qualifying standards).
    2) Score > 10 points during the season.
    3) Score any points at the ECC Championship Meet.

    6 Lane Track: 1st = 10 pts, 2nd = 8 pts, 3rd = 6 pts, 4th = 4 pts, 5th = 2 pts, 6th = 1 pt
    Each year I also give one letter to a member of the team who clearly deserves it even though they did not earn the appropriate number of points. Attendance, work ethic and team spirit will determine who earns this letter.

    Practice times/place – Weekday practice will start in auxilary gym at 2:45 pm. Practices will begin with a team warm-up lap around or inside of the school followed by stretches, agilities and plyometrics in the gym. Athletes will then break up according to their coaches and event for that day. Practice times will be sent home on a monthly schedule for athletes and parents. A daily practice program will be posted explaining what day during the week a certain track event will be scheduled to do.

    Rules - All members of the Track Team are expected to come to practice every day. Anytime an athlete misses a practice (unexcused), they will not be allowed to compete in the next meet. Contact me at the appropriate information above to let me know if you can not attend a practice. If an athlete comes to practice late, due to making up work with a teacher, he/she must give me a note from that teacher that they were making up work. This rule applies with guided study as well. Continuous absences (excused and/or unexcused) will result in dismissal from the team. If an athlete gets an extended day or suspension, they will not be able to compete in the next track meet. Continuous extended days and suspensions will result in dismissal from the team. All track meets that we decide to go to counts as a mandatory meets. If an athlete can not attend a track meet (excused) he/she must inform me ahead of time. If an athlete can not attend a track meet (unexcused) he/she will receive a warning and will not compete in the following meet. The second time this incident happens will result in dismissal from the team. We will not go to every meet on the schedule, but will decide which ones we want to go to. Invitational track meets are voluntary if an athlete has made the qualifications for an event. However, if you tell me you are going, it counts as a mandatory meet and must attend. Any person who does not compete in an event for which they are scheduled will lose 5 points toward their varsity letter. All athletes are expected to compete in at least 2-3 events per meet, depending on the meet. I will often ask you to compete in a specific event for the team; the other events are up to you. If you have any problems with the practice times during the week or track meet dates (because of work, transportation, personal issues, etc.), please speak with me privately and we can come up with a compromise. ALL RULES IN THE KILLINGLY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT-ATHLETE HANDBOOK WILL BE ENFORCED.
     Grading Policy – “In order to participate in KHS athletics, a student-athlete must be taking a minimum of 3 credits per semester” (pg. 15 in Student-Athlete Handbook). “An athlete cannot have more than one failing grade in a marking period to be academically eligible” (pg. 16 in Student-Athlete Handbook). “Scholastic incompletes must be made up within ten (10) days following the end of the marking period. Incomplete grades are not to be considered as passing grades” (pg 16 in Student-Athletic Handbook). Progress report sheets will be given to you and return back to me so I can see how you are doing academically during the season.
    Physicals – All student athletes are required to have a physical on file with the nurse, athletic director, or me. This physical must be no more than 365 days old. Be sure that you have a physical by the time the 1st practice starts. If your physical expires in the middle of the season, plan on getting a replacement now! You can not compete or practice without a physical.


  • jfortin@killinglyschools.org

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