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    June 14, 2018


    Dear Redmen Football Family: 

    The 2018 football season will soon be upon us! This will be an exciting year as we look to come out strong and have another very successful season! Many of you have been working hard this off-season and are ready to prove you are ready come August 13th. To be academically eligible for football, you must have earned 4 or more credits the prior academic school year. All incoming freshmen are eligible

    All players must register to play football prior on Family ID at https://www.familyid.com/programs/2018-fall-athletic-registration-54 and have a physical on file that has been updated within the past year in the high school nurses office. No players will receive equipment if they are not registered on Family ID.


    Parents: Please join our parent communication by downloading the Remind App (on Android and Iphone) or text @4eahg to 81010 for text message updates. You can also go to the following to join:



    Below is a list of practice times and meetings for the first two weeks, a monthly schedule will follow:


    Monday, August 13th                         Equipment Distribution (Bring a Lunch and plenty of fluids)

                                                                Seniors: 12:30

                                                                Juniors: 1:00

                                                                Sophomores: 1:30

                                                                Freshmen: 2:00

    Team meeting at 3:00 Practice 5 – 8 PM, helmet and practice jersey

    Tuesday, August 14th                         Team meeting at 3:30 Practice 5 – 8 PM, helmet and practice jersey

    Wednesday, August 15th                    Team meeting at 3:30 Practice 5 – 8 PM, uppers

    Thursday, August 16th                       Team meeting at 4:00 Practice 5 – 8 PM, uppers

    Friday, August 17th                            Team meeting at 3:30 Practice 5 – 8 PM, uppers

    Saturday, August 18th                        Lockeroom Opens @ 7 a.m. Practice 8 – 10:30AM, Full Gear

                                                            Team meeting at 1:30 Practice 2:00 – 4:00PM Uppers – Team Cookout

    Sunday, August 19th                          OFF

    Monday, August 20th                         Team Meeting at 7:00 Practice 8 – 10:30AM

                                                            Team Meeting at 5:00 Practice 5:30 – 8:00PM

    Tuesday, August 21st                         Team Meeting at 5:00 Practice 5:30 – 7:30PM

    Wednesday, August 22nd                   Team Meeting at 7:00 Practice 8 – 10:30AM

                                                           Team Meeting at 5:00 Practice 5:30 – 8:00PM

    Thursday, August 23rd                           Team Meeting 5:00 Practice 5:30 – 7:30

    Friday, August 24th                           Team Meeting 4:30 Practice 5 –7 PM

    Saturday August 25th                        Jamboree at Cromwell/Portland, Hartford Public, and Foran 2 PM

    Sunday August 26th                          Off


    The locker room will be open a half -hour prior to each practice, our trainer will post a schedule when she will be available. A phone will be made available for all players to call for rides. Again, it is a privilege to play football, and we are asking for commitment; therefore; it is necessary for all players to be at every practice on - time. Please schedule activities and appointments around practice times, as commitment is essential to success.

    Updates are also available on the football webpage http://killinglyfootball.wix.com/khsfootball, or you can follow us on twitter @Redmenfootball1. Any questions, please email me at cneal@killinglyschools.org.


    Thank you,



    Coach Neal

     Checklist for August 13th



    • Make Sure physical is on file with Nurses office at KHS dated within 13 months.
    • Register on Family ID
    • Parents register on REMIND
    • Pay $100 Athletic Assessment Fee – (Checks payable to KHS Athletics) – Covers entire family, and for all sports throughout school year
    • Bring sneakers, shorts, cleats, extra socks, extra t-shirts to each practice
    • Order FAN Gear from Stadium Systems


     Note on Athletic Assessment Fee:


    Fee can be paid in installments throughout the season, see Coach Neal for plan, student – athletes receiving reduced lunch fee is $50.00, free lunch fee is $0. Please confirm with Coach Neal. DO NOT MAKE PAYMENT THROUGH FAMILY ID.


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