*Notice to Parents and Guardians *

as of 1/1/22 the transporation department is now requiring 24 hours notice, in writing to the school your child attends, to make changes to our routes for students especially those who are new and/or have opted out of transporation. This change is being implemented to make sure our staff has the time to notify the drivers where your student needs to be picked up and dropped off, and to let them know if your student requires a parent to be present at drop off. Thank you for helping us keep your students safe!!

Parents or Guardians are required to be present at pick up and drop for students attending Pre-K through 3rd Grade.
Students in Grades 4 through 12 will be let off the bus without a parent present unless you have specified with the transportation office otherwise.

The transportation department has implemented cleaning protocols to ensure that all buses are thoroughly cleaned/disinfected daily and in-between runs. Parents/guardians are asked to help ensure that students always adhere to safety guidelines such as wearing a mask while riding the bus.

Please have your child at the bus stop ten minutes prior to the pick-up time. We ask for your patience during the first couple weeks of the 2021-2022 school year as there may be delays, we want to ensure that everyone gets to and from school safely.


Transportation Director 

Joseph Boulanger

(860) 779-6791

Transportation Secretary
 Virginia Desmarais
(860) 779-4129


Transportation DispatcherDawn
(860) 779-6790

Friday 1/28/2022

***Happy friday***

All routes are running on schedule today 







EFFECTIVE MONDAY december 20, 2021 ALL STUDENTS FROM Qmc will go on Bus # 101

QMC a.m. pick-up times
Students need to be out 10 minutes prior to bus arrival
42 Carol Ave-7:00-7:10
Edwardsen St @ Black Rock Ave.-7:02-7:12
Prospect Ave @ Buck St-7:08-7:18
67 Katherine Ave(M,T,W)-7:11-7:21
95 Franklin St.-7:13-7:23
Furnace St.@Short St.-7:15-7:25
66/63 School St-7:17-7:27
Killingly Drive @ Joan St.-7:19-7:29
93 Reynolds St.-7:21-7:31
126 Cranberry Bog Rd-7:26-7:36
796 Cook Hill Rd.-(Th&F)-7:36-7:46
84 Kenneth Dr.-7:43-7:53
109 Laurel Dr.-7:49-7:59


If your student does not utilize the school bus to and from school, or if you need an alternate stop due to daycare needs we kindly ask that you contact your child's school office in writing to opt out of transportation or request an alternate stop. This helps us keep our route sheets and assigned riders accurate in the event of an emergency. This also helps us to give accurate pick up times for students who do utilize the bus.  

Thank you for your help,

Killingly Transportation 

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