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Welcome to the KPS Transportation Department

Please read this page carefully for important information
about School Transportation in the District.


An Important Notice to Parents and Guardians

The KPS Transportation Department processes transportation additions
and changes within a 72-hour window. Please submit your request, in writing,
to the main office of the school your child is attending.

This procedure is put in place to ensure that our staff has time to notify drivers of your student drop off/pickup locations, and to notify if your student requires a parent/guardian to be present at drop-off. Thank you for helping to keep our Killingly students safe.


Contact Information and Protocols

If you are looking for an estimated time of arrival or want to know the location of your student's bus route please call our Dispatch Information Line. Please have your students name, route number, and stop location available so our staff may assist you as quick as possible. School Bus Information Line (860)-779-6790

General Guidelines for KPS Transportation

Parents or Guardians are required to be present at pick up and drop for students attending Pre-K through 3rd Grade. Students who do not have a parent present at drop off will be returned to the school in which they attend.
Students in Grades 4 through 12 will be let off the bus without a parent present unless you have specified with the transportation office otherwise.

Please have your child arrive at the bus stop ten minutes prior to their pick-up time. If your student does not utilize the school bus to and from school, or if you need an alternate stop due to daycare needs we kindly ask that you contact your child's school office in writing to opt out of transportation or request an alternate stop. This helps us keep our route sheets and assigned riders accurate in the event of an emergency. This also helps us to give accurate pick up times for students who do utilize the bus. 

Thank you for your help!

Killingly Public Schools - Transportation Department

Transportation Supervisor

Joseph Boulanger

Phone Numbers:
School: 860-779-6791

Transportation Office

Garrett Best

Phone Numbers:
School: 860-779-6790

Ian Daviau

Phone Numbers:
School: 860-779-6790