Office of Pupil Services (OPS)

OPS Vision


Killingly Public Schools’ Office of Pupil Services (OPS) will provide high quality needs based instruction, supports and interventions to foster and develop our special needs population of students into independent and productive citizens.


Core Values & Beliefs


We believe in…

-       safety for all

-       positive, healthy relationships

-       connections

-       trust

-       opportunity

-       evidence based practices

-       collaboration, unity, social/professional norms

-       the home-school connection

-       understanding community

-       fostering confidence, self-esteem, independence

-       self-advocacy

-       trauma informed district

-       culturally responsive, sensitive environment

-       needs based instruction

-       kindness, empathy, sympathy

-       reflective practice

-       communication

-       being/creating lifelong learners

-       being open minded

-       creativity, unified arts – holistic learning

-       parents as partners, parent education



For information Contact:

Jennifer Thompson
Lead Administrative Assistant
Lisa Lang
Administrative Assistant
Linda Robinson
Administrative Assistant