Killingly Childcare Program

Emily Ross

Killingly Childcare Program Coordinator   860 779-6773 or email:


We are a wrap around childcare program, started in 1994 to provide safe, structured and supervised programs during non-school hours.  We offer homework help, enrichment, recreational sports and games, crafts, cooking, community service projects, and other fun and engaging activities for our students.  It is our goal to engage students in positive behaviors and activities during non-school hours, while supporting the learning goals and objectives.

In Summer KCP, we offer field trips, water games, and theme based enrichment.  We are fee based, with a variety of options regarding days enrolled. 

Our experienced staff is here because they like students.  We understand that students who are here need to be actively engaged in activities that are fun, safe and educational.

To enroll your child in our program, please complete the enrollment packet, the district Student Health Information Form, review program handbook and complete program handbook receipt and return to  Emily Ross at Goodyear Early Childhood Center/ Family Resource Center.  You must complete the enrollment packet and meet with the coordinator to confirm your enrollment and fees prior to sending your child.  A two-week deposit is required to hold your slot and is applied to the last two weeks of enrollment.  Two weeks notice is required before withdrawal from the program.

Summer Hours:

KCS a.m 6:30-8:30      KCS p.m. 3:30-6:00

KMS a.m. 6:30-8:30    KMS  p.m. 3:30-6:00

KIS p.m. 2:15-6:00

Summer 6:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


KCP Enrollment form

Parent Procedures Fall 2020

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KCP Parent Handbook

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