District Technology Plan

Killingly Public Schools is developing a comprehensive technology plan for our short and long-term investment in educational technology.  Listed below are 5 categories we have deemed important in the creation of our technology plan.


Vision for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Curriculum, instruction and assessment practices will leverage the full range of technology and digital resources to ensure students are immersed in rich, authentic, relevant, learning experiences that enable 21st Century Skills/deeper learning across the disciplines.

Vision for Use of Space and Time

KPS utilizes technology to enhance our ability to make instruction techniques and strategies with a student's individualized learning pace.

Vision for Robust Infrastructure

A plan to maintain a robust infrastructure that includes all technological components including software is essential to a comprehensive plan.

Vision for Data and Privacy

In KPS we strive to have evidence-based reasoning and data-driven decision making as part of the school and district culture for staff, students, and parents.

Vision for Community Partnerships

KPS strives to serve as a hub of the community and actively involve the community in achieving its learning goals. We will do this by employing a robust technology plan and communication system.