Health Services - Nurse's Office

Mission Statement

As health care professionals, Killingly Public School Nurses support the health and educational success of children and youth by striving to create a caring and healthy environment that emphasizes the emotional, intellectual, physical and social development of each child. The school nurse links the health service program within the school and the community. 





Noel Coraccio, RN Supervisor of Nurses 

Phone: 860 779-6685 

Fax: 860 774-2997



Goodyear School

Grades: Pre-K

Susan Spagnuolo RN,

Head Nurse

Phone: 860-779-6775

Fax: 860-779-0056

Killingly Central School

Grades: Pre-K, K, 1

Karen Savoie RN, Head Nurse

Phone: 860-779-6755

Fax: 860-779-0052

Deborah Dumouchel RN

Killingly Memorial School

Grades: 2-3

Erin Romani RN,

Head Nurse

Phone: 860-779-6686

Fax: 860-774-2997

Grade 4

Stephanie Bonner, RN




 Killingly Intermediate School                                                                                      Killingly High School

               Grades: 5-8                                                                                                                     Grade 9-12

 Michelle Riendeau RN, Head Nurse                                                                         Jennifer Adams, RN, Head Nurse                                                                

        Phone: 860-779-6725                                                                                                    Phone: 860-779-6636

        Fax: 860-779-0047                                                                                                           Fax: 860-779-3072

      Jacqueline Asermelly RN                                                                                                 Nancy Schofield, RN


Click Here for Information Regarding: Immunization Requirements, Physical Exams, Medications, and Screenings.

The HUSKY program, provided by the State of Connecticut, will provide healthcare for all uninsured children. Click here to download the application. 
Across the Smiles Dental Program
The students in our school system have access to our community dental health program. This program provides preventative and restorative care of teeth. If you are interested in this program, please click here to sign up and return the form to the school nurse.