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Attendance Matters!

Attending school regularly and on time helps children feel better about school and themselves. This habit should begin in kindergarten and continue on through the end of high school! This will help our students succeed in school, and beyond. If you or your child is struggling with getting to school in any way, we are here to support you. Please reach out to our District Attendance Coordinator with any questions, concerns, or inquiries.

For Pre-K thru Grade 8 (GECC, KCS, KMS, KIS)

If your child will not be attending school today, please click the link below.
Note: only for the aforementioned schools. For KHS, see next section.

>>> Click Here to report your child absent

For Grades 9 thru 12 (KHS)

For Absences:

If your child will not be attending school today, please click the link below.

>>> Click here to email - Absence                                 

For Early Dismissals:

If your student will be dismissed early for any reason, click the link below.
Note: Must be prior to 10:00 AM.

>>> Click here to Email - Early Dismissal               

For Tardies or Late Arrivals:

If your student will be arriving to school late, click the link below.
Note: must be prior to 10:45 AM

>>> Click Here to Email - Tardy or Late Arrival

Additional Information on Absenteeism

Please click the image below to download the quick guide to reporting your child absent.

First page of the PDF file: HowtoReportYourChildAbsent-2023

District Attendance Coordinator

Christina Main

Christina Main

Phone Numbers:
School: 860-779-6612

School Absentee Phone Numbers & Emails

Killingly High School
Phone: 860-779-6669

Killingly Intermediate School
Phone: 860-779-6739

Killingly Memorial School
Phone: 860-779-6699

Killingly Central School
Phone: 860-779-6769

Goodyear Early Childhood Center
Phone: 860-779-6770