My time has ended as the head coach for KHS Boys Soccer. It has been my pleasure and privilege to coach the young men and women of all of the teams I have worked with in my 12 years at Killingly High School. I wish everyone the best of luck as you progress through Killingly High School. As I have in the past, I will be at the upcoming KHS graduations to shake hands of all of the players I have worked with and wish you the best as they move onto the next chapter in your lives.

My normal way of delivering messages of this importance is to do this in person with the entire team and parents. The timing around my getting notified of not returning is preventing me from having a team meeting due to the startup of the winter sports. Thus my delivering this message via a letter posted on the KHS Boys' Soccer web site.

I look forward to seeing you all either on a soccer pitch or around town.

Again it was MY privilege to meet and know each and everyone in my time at KHS.

You can reach me at my email address ( or my cell phone (860)-428-9656.

I will miss you all!

Coach Ron Frechette

2020 Season Coach: TBD