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Killingly Public Schools Releases our Reopening Plan 2020

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Facebook live reopening school Q&A, 7.29.20


Killingly Public Schools  is requesting all families fill out the KPS Return Option form above by August 3rd 2020.  Please fill out the form once for each child.


PPT of Reopening summary - Presented BOE 7.23.20


Dear Killingly Public-School Community,

The Killingly Public Schools Reopening plan was developed collaboratively by our Return 2020 Task force led by the school administrators along with education and health professionals. The goals of the plan are to maintain health and safety guidelines; provide high quality educational programming to all students whether in school or via remote learning; enhance a focus on social emotional learning and to address any gaps from the spring closure.

This plan was based on feedback from parents and teachers including surveys, participation in the Reopening Committee and comments submitted to the district.

Our goal is to welcome all students back to school in the fall.  The plan outlined by our team allows parents who are not comfortable with their students returning to school to have the option to engage in a fully remote learning environment.   

Our teachers, administrators and staff have studied the lessons learned from distance learning in the spring and are working to implement meaningful enhancements to our fall program.

Our move to remote learning in March was abrupt and we are proud of the ways our staff innovated to meet the needs of the students in our community.  As part of our Reopening plan, teachers and staff are receiving additional training for remote learning as well as additional resources to improve the student experience. This professional development will be essential, as it is likely that remote learning will need to be implemented quickly should individual cases arise or if there is an increase in community cases.  

As part of our roll out plan, we will be establishing opportunities for continual feedback from the community, students and staff to refine practices as we evolve. Our team would encourage Killingly families to review the materials posted on the district website on the Return 2020 page. 

This plan has been designed to accommodate the conditions in Northeast Connecticut in late July 2020.  We understand that all plans will continue to evolve as we monitor the situation around us. 

Our team is committed to the safety and well-being of our students and remains engaged in the process of continually adjusting this plan as we work to keep our students and staff safe and ensure a bright future for the children of Killingly.



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Preparing for our Return to School in the Fall.

Update 6.25.20- Governor Lamont Press conference

As you are likely aware, this afternoon Governor Ned Lamont and Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona announced details of the framework to allow all students, in all school districts statewide the opportunity to return to school in the fall. 

Today’s press conference was a preview of the comprehensive Reopen Connecticut School-Guidelines which are scheduled to be released Monday June 29th.  We anticipate the comprehensive guidelines will provide families and staff with further guidance on face coverings, student groupings, social distancing and transportation.  

We at Killingly schools are excited to welcome our students back.  Over the next few weeks, our Return-to-School Task Force will continue working together to develop plans that are aligned with the SDE guidelines and ensure a smooth transition for students return to school. 

It is natural for school and community members to have questions.  While some answers are still being developed, the documents below provide the framework under which schools will reopen in the fall.  They include the Governor's executive summary and the presentation slides used in this afternoon’s press-conference. 

Executive Summary:

Presentation Slides:


May 29 Update:

The best plan we can put together for reopening schools is one that prioritizes health and wellness and is responsive to the needs of students and our families. We are constantly receiving guidance from the State of Connecticut and The Connecticut SDE. Under the challenging and frequently changing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, collaboration and adaptability are key. 

Killingly Public Schools has launched the Return-to-School Task Force that will plan for what school may look like when we return in the fall. This group includes a variety of district stakeholders, including; parents, principals, teachers, support staff, transportation and O&M staff.

The group is also working closely to develop plans which address the details of various options for reopening schools, which will likely include a mix of in-person and remote learning.


Timeline of Meeting for the Reopening Task Force


The Reopening Task Force is working through multiple scenarios for returning to school that are based on health guidelines, equity, learning goals, social-emotional learning needs, and community feedback.

This team is also working with the EASTCONN regional task force, and the Northeast Department of Health. Our plan is to finalize a recommendation to district leadership in July. 

Anticipated Health and Safety Guidelines from the SDE


Guidelines from the state of Connecticut are constantly changing, and we are working to monitor these changing guidelines.  We anticipate the state of Connecticut will provide additional guidance for schools as the fall approaches.  Expected guidelines include:

  • Health Precautions We expect wellness procedures for adults and students to include temperature and symptom checks.  We anticipate guidelines on wearing masks, frequent hand-washing/ hand sanitizer and disinfection of buildings and buses. 
  • Caring for High-Risk Staff/Students and Staff with Children at Home We know we will need to create specific policies for medically high-risk staff and students, as well as staff and students who live with people who are high-risk.
  • Classroom Capacity Under current guidelines, all individuals must maintain six feet of distance from each other. The most recent recommendations are for a range of 10-16 individuals in any given space (such as classrooms, gyms) at any given time.  These guidelines may change June 20th.
  • Student Movement- Under current guidelines,  we anticipate the need to minimize movement of students within the building. For example, students might need to lunch in classrooms, or may need to have adjusted schedules the reduce exposure to other students during passing time.
  • In Case of a Positive COVID-19 test If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, health officials recommend the entire class move to remote learning for 14 days.  This is the protocol under current guidelines.

Care Guidance that was posted by the Office of Early Childhood provides some guidance for our planning: