Health and Sexual Assault Curriculum Development

Adoption of Units Related to Health and Sexual Assault in Killingly Public Schools


Connecticut General Statute (C.G.S) 17a-101q requires that age-appropriate educational materials be designed for students “in grades kindergarten to twelve, inclusive, regarding child sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention that may include, but not be limited to, (a) the skills to recognize (i) child sexual abuse and assault, (ii) boundary violations and unwanted forms of touching and contact, and (iii) ways offenders groom or desensitize victims, and (b) strategies to (i) promote disclosure, (ii) reduce self-blame, and (iii) mobilize bystanders.”

Killingly Public Schools is currently in the process of adopting units aligned with the State framework for sexual assault K-12.   This Framework is in alignment with and formatted to supplement the Connecticut State Department of Education’s Guidelines for the Sexual Health Education Component of Comprehensive Health Education. I

Parent Informational Meeting on Health Curriculum* 4/27/2021 6:00 Zoom link

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