Curriculum Coordinator for English Language Arts

Maryann McGillivray

Our mission in the Killingly Public Schools Public Schools is to create a community in which reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking serve as the foundation for life-long learning.

We Believe…

•    All children should view themselves as readers and writers.

•    Children need to be engaged in authentic daily reading and writing activities.

•    Children learn best when affirmed and celebrated in a supportive and caring environment.

•    Placing appropriate demands and expectations on each child builds self-esteem and results in greater personal success.

•   Literacy means not only to read, write, speak, and listen, but also to use language to learn, think, and communicate effectively.

•    Classrooms need to be print-rich and to contain a wide variety of reading materials, resources, and technology to support a child’s literacy development.  

Children need to enjoy reading and writing and develop life-long literacy habits.



Our Approach… The Workshop Model 

·      The goal of the Reading and Writing Workshop Model is to personalize instruction in order to accommodate the learning needs of all students while fostering a love for reading and writing. Students are involved in authentic reading experiences that continually focus on the strengths and needs of individuals.  

Structure of the Workshop Model… 

·      Mini Lesson that includes explicit modeling and guided practice. 

·      Interactive Read –Aloud.  


 ·     Independent Reading and Writing Time  

·      Conferences

·      Group Sharing