Dear Parents and Guardians,

Killingly Public Schools has constructed the Curriculum Guides below as a means of providing parents with information about their child’s learning in Killingly Public Schools.


Each subject area is outlined in the guides with the grade-level learning targets for students in each grade. In addition to the course progression, each section includes hyperlinks to additional materials that can further expand your understanding of our units. These documents reflect an organized plan around a set of standards or learning outcomes that defines the content to be learned in terms of clear, definable standards of what KPS students should know and be able to do.


In Killingly Public Schools, all students encounter learning pathways in which student proficiency is assessed by clearly defined standards and targets. As a reminder, these standards and targets are the same for all students, but individual lesson plans may vary from class to class. If you have questions at any time regarding units of study or materials used, please contact your child’s teacher.