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District Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Killingly Public Schools to improve the quality of life and self-esteem of all students. 
It will do so by:
1.  Creating and maintaining an enthusiastic educational environment;
2.  Challenging all students to achieve their highest potential;
3.  Fostering respect for human differences;
4.  Adjusting to an ever-changing world; and
5.  Maintaining a partnership with the community.

Goals and Functions

The Killingly Board of Education shall develop and maintain a complete system of public education opportunities in accordance with the law and the best interests of the town.


The Killingly Board of Education believes that in our democratic society each person, without exception, is an important resource to our nation.  We further believe that it is the primary function of our schools to develop this resource to the greatest extent possible.

Our schools must provide challenges and experiences which continually foster the development of students' academic competencies, interests, abilities, and attitudes.  Equipped with motivation, skills, knowledge and values, individuals will be prepared to realize personal success and responsible citizenship.

The Board believes that the educational process in our schools should be supported by educators, students, parents/guardians, and the entire community, for a commitment to today's education is a commitment to society's future.