Board of Education /Meetings/Policies/Agendas

 Killingly Board of Education 


Norm Ferron-Vice Chair           

Janice Joly-Chairperson

Susan Lannon          

Kelly Martin            

Jason Muscara                      

Kyle Napierata

Lydia Rivera Abrams

Chris Viens       

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Killingly Board of Education meetings typically take place on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month. (Exception in the months of November & December)  Meetings commence at 7:00 p.m and take place at the Killingly Town Hall, 172 Main St., Danielson. (2nd floor, meeting room) Please check for possible cancellations or change of location by calling 860 779-6600.

Citizens are  welcomed to attend meetings and speak during the Public Comments section of the meeting. . 

2021-22 Board Meetings


STANDING subCOMMITTEES  (*Denotes chair)
  • CURRICULUM- * Janice Joly, Kelly Martin, Chris Viens 1-31-22 Agenda
  • FISCAL - Norm Ferron, Susan Lannon,  Kyle Napierata, Janice Joly 1-26-22 Agenda
  • PERSONNEL -  Janice Joly Norm Ferron, Lydia Rivera Abrams
  • POLICY - Janice Joly, Kelly Martin, Jason Muscara, 
  • FACILITIES - Jason Muscara, *Kyle Napierata, Chris Viens, Janice Joly. 1-18-22 Facilities Agenda

  • Town Council  -Norm Ferron, Alt. Kyle Napierata
  • Cable Advisory  -Steve Marchesseault, Chris Viens
  • CABE- Kelly Martin
  • Economic Development - Janice Joly
  • Parks & Recreation -vacant
  • Permanent Building Commission (PBC) -Kyle Napierata
  • EASTCONN - Susan Lannon
  • Public Safety Liaison- Jason Muscara