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About Us

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Great Things from the Quiet Corner

Situated in the heart of Connecticut's Quiet Corner, Killingly Public Schools is the largest school district in the region, providing a strong and diverse K-12 educational experience to over 2,400 students. Our schools share a long history of dedication and service to the Town of Killingly, and the greater communities of Northeastern Connecticut.

Owing to strong support from the community at large, our educators and students have a proven record of success in diverse fields: music, art, science, technology, agriculture, and athletics, to name a few. We are furthermore proud to continue significant collaborative partnerships with Quinebaug Valley Community College and local businesses, providing our students with practical, real-world experience that helps to prepare them for future careers.

Our district encompasses the following major locations and programs:

  • Central Administration Office (CO) - 79 Westfield Ave., Danielson, CT 06239. Houses district administration and IT. (P: 860 779-6600)
  • Goodyear Early Childhood Center (GECC) - 22 Williamsville Rd., Rogers, CT 06263. Offers Pre-school classes and the Family Resource Center. (P: 860 779-6770).
  • Killingly Central School (KCS) - 60 Soap St., Dayville, 06241.  Serves Kindergarten and Grade 1. (P: 860-779-6750).
  • Killingly Memorial School (KMS) - 339 Main St., Danielson, 06239. Serves grades 2-4. (P: 860-779-6680).
  • Killingly Intermediate School (KIS) - 1599 Upper Maple St., Dayville, 06241. Serves grades 5-8. (P: 860-779-6700).
  • Killingly High School (KHS) - 226 Putnam Pike, Dayville, 06241. Serves grades 9-12. (P: 860-779-6620).
  • Regional Agricultural Educational Program (Vo-Ag), 226 Putnam Pike, Dayville, 06241. (P: 860-779-6620).
  • EASTCONN Northeast Regional Program (NRP), 79 Westfield Ave., Killingly 06239. (P: 860-779-6794).