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  • Reporting Your Child Absent From School


    There are two ways to create a student absence:

    1.  Call  the absentee line to report your child absent. This is a voicemail, so you may call anytime to record your message, but before school starts is best. (See below for list) A note stating your child’s full name, grade, date and reason for absence MUST be sent in when your child returns to school        


    2.  Complete the absentee form via the schools website prior to the start of school.   This reports to each school that your child will be absent that day AND counts as a written explanation*. Follow these steps:

    1)Go to

    2)Choose your child’s school from pull down menu

    3)Click on Parents Tab

    4)Choose Absence Information

    5)Click on the link to absentee form and fill out

    *Please provide all medical or dental physician's notes, and /or other written documentation to the Attendance Secretary , located in the main office of each school.


    School Absentee Lines:

    Killingly High School: 860-779-6669

    Killingly Intermediate School: 860-779-6739

    Killingly Memorial School: 860-779-6699

    Killingly Central School: 860-779-6769