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    Adopted by CSDE June 27, 2012


    Excused absence - an absence from a regularly scheduled school day for at least one-half [½] of the school day; for which absence, the school has received written documentation describing the reason for the absence within ten days of the student’s return to school, or the child has been excluded from school in accordance with section 10-210 of the Connecticut General Statutes, and meets the following criteria:


    Student total absences one (1) through nine (9)

    Any absence before the student’s tenth (10th) absence [ie: absences 1-9], is considered excused when …

    1. the student’s parent-guardian approves such absence and submits appropriate written and signed documentation,
    2. signed note from school official that spoke in-person with parent / guardian,
    3. written note from school nurse or licensed medical professional; and  
    Student total absences ten (10) and beyond

    For the student’s tenth (10th) absence and all absences thereafter, a student’s absences from school are considered excused only for the following reasons:

    1. any-all student illness must be verified by an appropriately licensed medical professional;
    2. religious holidays;
    3. mandated court appearances (documentation for student required);
    4. funeral or death in the student’s family, or other emergency beyond the control of the student’s family;
    5. extraordinary educational opportunities pre-approved by the district administrators and in accordance with Connecticut State Department of Education guidance;
    6. lack of transportation that is normally provided by a district other than the service provided by the local district [not in-district transportation].           
    7. A enrolled child age 5 to 18 years … If a parent/legal guardian is an active duty member of armed forces [1] who has been called for duty or [2] who is on leave from or has immediately returned from deployment, must be allowed ten (10) days of excused absences in any school year to visit with such child’s parent/legal guardian. Discretion to grant additional days shall be up to BOE!

    The Connecticut State Department of Education and the Killingly Board of Education considers a student “in attendance” when he/she is present at his/her assigned school, or any activity sponsored by the school [ie: field trips] for at least half [½] of the regular school day. A student who is serving an out-of-school suspension or expulsion should always be considered absent. A student not meeting the definition of “in attendance” is considered absent.  

    Students arriving to school prior to the time associated with ½ of full school day or ½ of a half of school day will be considered tardy [time varies depending on school level]. Students arriving after that time will be considered absent. Students dismissed from school prior to that time will also be considered absent. 

    Questions may be referred to school administration or District School Resource Officer Peter Gerardi @ 860-779-6615.