• Parent Testimonials
    Barn "I enrolled two daughters into the Killingly FFA program, one of them excelled beyond my hopes and the other declined out of the program half way through, this is not a program for every individual.  This program challenges the students in a positive way that other curriculum does not.  Expectations are high but the rewards go beyond the four year term.  I am so appreciative that both my children had the opportunity to experience the Killingly FFA program." ~Lisa Patenaude
    "The Killingly Ag Program was such a positive influence on my daughter's life. The support she received was incredible, she grew not only academically but personally through the courses, competitions and instruction. I am grateful that Erin participated in the Killingly Ag Program and would gladly recommend that any student participate."  ~Kimberly Duerr
    "My daughter began high school as a shy girl, someone that really stuck to herself, but that all changed. By the time she graduated, she didn't think twice about speaking in front of people. The FFA helped her break out of her shell into the outgoing individual that she is today." ~Betsy Molodich
    "Both of our children participated in the Killingly FFA. We cannot say enough about how the FFA program has helped our children. Both were very excited to participate in the program. They have learned skills such as, leadership and entrepreneurship. The FFA program also challenged our kids to work as a team to achieve success. We feel that the program is beneficial for their future success."  ~Tammy & Greg Glaude
    "As a mother of a recent graduate of the Killingly Ag - Ed Program and member of FFA, I cannot express the thanks and gratitude I feel towards the teachers and staff of the Ag-Ed Program. My daughter became a positive role model at her high school and a wonderful young leader as a result of being a part of this program. Her experience helped her to excel in school and life and she is pursing a career in the field of business hoping to someday own her own floral design shop as a result of her Ag- Ed experience. Her senior year she was elected President of the Killingly Chapter FFA, and I saw her blossom into a wonderful young leader for her school and community. I would highly recommend the program to anyone considering it." ~Wendy Dastous 

    LEARN "When our first daughter started there, she started to thrive 100 times over, with very positive experiences, positive teachers, positive about farming, and it put her in a new league of farmers, "educated". Then, when it came time for our second daughter to pick a school, we had no idea she was going to pick Ag. Education, but her sister made it look so fun and interesting, that she decided to go there! Now, our second daughter knows she wants to go into Animal Nutrition due to her education at Killingly. It has been amazing and rewarding to be associated with all the awesome teachers, and the positive energy that is at the school." ~Kristin Orr


    "You cannot have an excellent program unless the program has excellent leadership and the Killingly Ag-Ed is staffed by some of the finest educators and mentors that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Their timeless efforts stretch far beyond the walls of their classrooms and well beyond the "normal" school day.  They are available to their students 24/7, 365 days a year. - No kidding!  These teachers inspire their students to strive for greatness.  They give these kids "life" skills!  They teach them how to handle money, how to become entrepreneurs, how to THINK through real life problems, how to work by themselves and as part of a team. "I can't" isn't an option or accepted as a viable excuse in the halls or classrooms of the Ag Wing.  It is more of a "You bet, I will - just watch me" kind of attitude that these kids graduate from this program with.


    A whole new world has been opened to my daughter because of the Killingly Ag-Ed Program that she is a part of.  Her high school years will be filled with memories, moments, and knowledge that will stay with her throughout her lifetime.  Supporting my daughter's decision to attend the Killingly Ag-Ed High School program, was by far, one of the best decisions I have ever made as a parent!" ~Lisa Perry