• July 2013
    Killingly Public Schools’ 403(b) Plan
    Killingly Public Schools offers a 403(b) Tax Sheltered Account Plan. As an eligible employee you have the
    ability to participate in this Plan by making voluntary salary reduction contributions to the Plan. Attached, are
    the following items for your review:
    1. A Plan Summary Description including a list of participating investment providers and 403(b)
    investment products. This document provides an overview and outlines general provisions of the
    403(b) Plan.
    2. A Salary Reduction Agreement. This form should be used to begin participation in the Plan or
    change your current salary reductions. If you wish to begin participating in the Plan you should
    complete the Salary Reduction Agreement as instructed. You may obtain a list of financial
    representatives that can assist you by visiting http://sfr.baybridgeadministrators.com Once you
    have accessed the website please follow these instructions
    • Select “Employee” from the left menu
    • Select your state from the drop down menu
    • Select your employer from the second drop down menu
    • Select the “403b Approved Providers”
    • Contact the Investment Provider for more information
    If you have questions please contact Kim Burnham @ 860 779-6795 or Joanne Given @ 860 779-6613 in the
    business office.