Ag's 3 Ring Model
    Program Information
    The Killingly Agricultural Education Program is based on a National Model, consisting of three different areas; Instruction, Supervised Agricultural Experience Project (SAEP), and FFA.  Each of these areas are mandatory to create a well-rounded program for your child's success.  We pride ourselves on creating a comprehensive program that your child will excel in, and hope every student feels like an important part of our agricultural community!  
    Our New Facilities include an aquaculture lab, biotechnology lab, greenhouses, wood shop, mechanics shop, indoor/small animal lab, and an outdoor/large animal lab area.  We also have a 20 acre farm on Route 101 (in front of Killingly Intermediate School), where we mow hay, grow corn, and lease plots of land to students for their out of school projects. 
    Ag Instruction
    Instruction: As a freshmen in the Agriculture Education, program each student rotates through all four areas of the program (Animal Science, Plant Science, Ag Mechanics, and Environmental Science/Aquaculture).  At the end of their freshmen year, providing the student has maintained a "C" average or higher, students will choose one of the areas to major in for their remaining three years of high school.  Please read more about the Instruction portion of our program! 
    Supervised Agricultural Experience Project (SAEP): All students in the program are required to find and maintain an out of school project.  The project must relate to agriculture, and can be in the form of a Placement position (paid job), Volunteer position (must be registered Not-For-Profit), Entrepreneurship (a student starting their own small business), research, improvement and exploratory. Please read more about the SAEP portion of our program!
    FFA Officer Team
    FFA: The FFA the largest student-run leadership organization in the United States, with over 500,000 members!  Students learn how to become leaders in their organization, school, and local community.  The FFA also sponsors many activities for family and friends to participate in. Please read more about our local FFA Chapter, or about the National FFA
    If you complete the application to our program, please also make sure to print off and sign a copy of our Retention Policy!