MARCH 2016

    1. Ensure graduates are college and career ready.

    • Increase student attendance through the use of effective incentive and intervention strategies.

    • Establish post graduation tracking program to measure success in postsecondary education.

    • Ensure students are on track for graduation early in their high school careers. Strengthen intervention and communicate clear expectations,
      strengthen intervention programs, and ensure rigorous curriculum that is engaging and inspiring.

    2. Provide students with the necessary foundations for learning, specifically in the area of literacy

    • All students in grade 3 will be at or above their grade level in reading by the end of the school year.

    • Expand early intervention programs in grades k-2.

    • Promote quality universal pre-k.

    3. Engage the community in a 5-year strategic planning process.

    • Establish a planning committee with stakeholders from the entire community

      including parents, higher education, business, social services, and government.

    • Align strategic goals with the budgetary process.

    • Set firm time frames for implementation and review of strategic goals.

    4. Continue to improve school climate in each building.
    • Ensure all schools are welcoming, safe, and engaging for the entire KPS community.

    • Foster an environment that encourages self-motivation for both staff and students.

    5. Strengthen community partnerships in order to increase community involvement within the school system.
    • Strengthen alumni relationships by promoting their participation in school activities.

    • Continually spotlight achievement and accomplishments of students, staff and community partners.

    • Showcase student involvement in the community.

    • Engage families and community members as partners and mentors.