Noel Coraccio, R.N.

    Supervisor of Nurses

    ph: (860) 779-6685

    fax:  (860) 774-2997

    email: ncoraccio@killinglyschools.org




    Goodyear School              Central School               Memorial School

    Grades: Pre-K                                     Grades: Pre-K,K, 1                           Grades: 2-4

    Karen Savoie RN, Head Nurse               Linda McKay RN, Head Nurse            Noel Coraccio RN, Supervisor

    ksavoie@killinglyschools.org                 litaylor@killinglyschools.org              ncoraccio@killinglyschools.org 

    ph: 860-779-6775                               ph: 860-779-6755                            ph: 860-779-6685

    fax: 860-774-6772                              fax: 860-774-3299                           fax: 860-774-2997

                                                            Deborah Dumouchel RN                   Rachel Devanny RN



    Intermediate School                                High School

    Grades: 5-8                                                          Grades: 9-12    

    Susan Spagnuolo RN, Head Nurse                           Jennifer Adams RN, Head Nurse

    sspagnuolo@killinglyschools.org                              jadams@killinglyschools.org 

    ph: 860-779-6725                                                  ph: 860-779-6636      

    fax: 860-779-9639                                                 fax: 860-779-3072  

    Jacqueline Asermelly RN                                         Nancy Schofield RN   




    Mission Statement

    As health care professionals, Killingly Public School Nurses support the health and educational success of children and youth by striving to create a caring and healthy environment that emphasizes the emotional, intellectual, physical and social development of each child. The school nurse links the health service program within the school and the community. 

    Shared Vision

    Our vision for the students in the Killingly Public School addresses the needs of the whole child. Every school nurse plays a vital role in some or all of the eight components listed below to make our vision possible.
    School health services: assessing student health status, providing emergency care, ensuring access to health care and identifying and managing barriers to student learning.

    Health education: providing resources and expertise in developing health curricula and providing health information.

    Health promotion for faculty and staff: providing health information and health promotion activities, monitoring chronic conditions and maintaining records.

    Counseling, psychological and social services; collaborating with counseling staff to identify student psychosocial problems and to provide input and intervention.

    School nutrition services; providing education about nutritious foods, monitoring menus and food preparation and encouraging the inclusion of healthy food and menus, in vending machines and for classroom snacks.

    Physical education programs; collaborating with physical educators to meet physical education goals, providing information to students about physical activity, and helping to design appropriate programs for student with special health concerns.

    Healthy school environment; monitoring, reporting and intervening to correct hazards, collaborating to develop a crisis intervention plan, and providing adaptations for students with special needs.

    Family and community involvement; taking a leadership role in collaborating with community agencies to identify and provide programs to meet the physical and mental health needs of children and families.
    Health Department Web Site

    Our web site was created to be informative and instructional, providing students, parents and teachers with the latest health news and updates, including pertinent health-related resources. Please feel free to  contact me or your school nurse with any questions or concerns that will help us to gain a better understanding of your child's personal health.


Last Modified on February 12, 2019