Grade 2 Newsletter- Spring 2017


As we near the end of the school year, students are busy finishing major units of study and testing. Student completed the standardized computer-based testing for STAR Math and STAR Reading. They are also taking their final reading tests to determine their end of year level. A year’s growth would be moving 3 reading levels a year. The end of year goal for second grade is a level M.


In math, we completed unit in two-digit addition and subtraction, telling time, and counting money. For the summer, students can practice telling time on an analog clock and math fact fluency.  Also, workbook pages that were not completed in class may be used to reinforce skills taught during the year.


In reading, we are considering the life lessons or central message of a story using folk tales, considering how a character responds to a problem, and comparing two versions of the same story using different texts.  For the summer, make time for reading and make a trip to the library. Pack a book for traveling! Point out the meaning of words on road signs. Incorporate reading skills wherever you go!


In writing, we have completed all three genres: narrative (true stories), informational, and opinion. We will end the year with various kinds of writing, including letter-writing, written response to a text, poetry, practicing language conventions and grammar, and free-writing.


The grade 2 teachers hope you and your second-grader have a wonderful summer break with time to relax, play outside, spend quality time together, and feel ready for third grade! Thank you to our families for all of your support this year!