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                        Mrs. Tina Chahanovich, Principal

                    Mr. Timothy Jonasch, Assistant Principal


               Parent Drop Off 


             Pick Up Procedures

    Parent Drop off begins at 8:10 am.  Please drive up around the circle and remain in your car. There are two staff members there every day of the school year. They will assist students out of cars and into the building while keeping traffic moving as quickly as possible.  Students may only enter the building at 8:10am.  Class begins at 8:35am at which time if students are not in their classrooms they are marked tardy and an adult needs to sign them in at the office.  

    Parent Pickup takes place in our gymnasium.  You will need to park your car.  Parents are allowed into the building when the bell rings at 3:20pm.  Parents should enter the gymnasium and proceed to their child's grade level line.  If you have more than one child, please proceed to the family line.  There will be a staff person there with a clipboard.  You must show your ID EVERYDAY.  You will also initial your name on the sheet.

    If you need to change any transportation arrangements on any given day, please send your child with a note in the morning, or you can e-mail KMSOFFICE@killinglyschools.org to leave a note.  It is important to use this e-mail as it is accessible by both secretaries in the office. 




  • BRRRR It's cold outside!

    Just a reminder that at KMS "Children have one recess a day, a 30 minute session.  Recess is held outdoors unless there is precipitation or a temperature below 25 degrees."  With this in mind it is important that students come to school with appropriate winter clothing daily.Please note too that KMS is more than 50 years old...some of our rooms are warmer than others..dressing in layers is advised especially on windy, cloudy day.
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