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 Middle School Safe:  "Brain Stretching Activities"
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Think about Thinking . . .
For most people, the left side of the brain controls language activities such as reading and writing, and skills like those used in math and logical reasoning.
The right side of the brain contains the areas that relate to things like color, shape, imagination, creativity and emotions.
Although basically "equal," one side of the brain is usually "stronger," than the other.
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Test your Reflexes
Play the Reaction Time Game Now
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How Accurate are you?
Play the Eyeballing Game Now
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Engineering Games
Play Physics based Games Now
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Smart Kit Puzzles Cross Train your Brain
Play Smart Kit Now
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Nitro Type
Play Nitro Type Now
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Games for the Brain
Play Games for the Brain Now
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Invention at Play  

Explore & experiment with "Tinker Ball" to discover possible solutions in developing a course that will allow your ball to drop into the cup located below.

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Brain Boosters
Play Brain Boosters Now
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 Engage, Explore, Educate yourself about the UN World Food Programme's Social Mission!
Work at your own level and pace. If you get the right answer you get a harder question. If you get it wrong you get an easier question.
Play Free Rice Now
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Web Cam Toy Over 80 fun effects and filters to use with your web camera.
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Last Modified on February 19, 2015