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KIS Music Concert Program Covers
KIS's music department hosts several 5th through 8th grade, band and chorus concerts throughout the school year.
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Student Objective- To create and design an attractive cover  to "visually communicate" the   message and intent of a KIS Music Concert.
  • There is a sense of Harmony & Unity in the design layout.
  • Visual elements accentuate the understanding of the message.
  • Finished work will be original and demonstrate creative thinking.
  • Attention to detail in spelling and design elements
  • Student will display digital citizenship in all tech
Real World Connection-  Students will work as  individual designers to create a usable design for a Music Concert Program Cover. Several designs will be selected, mass-produced and distributed to the audience members during the upcoming concerts.
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Winter 2013-14
 auger albee
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 plante Thibeault   bianco
 terwilliger  poch mccauley  
Last Modified on July 3, 2014