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During the month of October, the Norwich Bulletin ran its fourth annual"Creepy Tales" story and original, frightening artwork contest.

So I thought, "What could be more original than digitally transforming a photo of yourself into something creepy, scary, eerily frightening?" I set the stage, by first asking my students to define creepy & to think about how they could visually transform this definition into an image that told a creepy tale. To get the students started, I "Bugged Out" myself!

As you can see from the collection of images below, many of the students had differing ideas on how to creep out the judges.

Please note that this project, from creation to completion....was an entirely digital undertaking. Students transformed their own digital images in Adobe Photoshop through the use of filters, desaturation of color, colorizing & tinting techniques, duplication, cloning, and their favorite the Liquify filter. This allowed them to morph, twist, bloat, pucker, shrink and expand. They also removed themselves from the the original background to create a more eerie mood.

Files were digitally transferred for submission and this was the first time that digital artwork had been entered into this contest!

Our entries were judged in the grade 6-8 category.

The winning submissions were published in the Oct. 30th Norwich Bulletin.

We Won !!!
2nd Place Winner
Josh Russel, an 8th grader at KIS captured 2nd Place!

Student work submitted to the Creepy Tales Contest

Creepy Tales Self-Portrait Lesson Objectives-
–Student will define creepy & brainstorm how to transform their definition into a visual image.
–Students will gain an understanding of what it takes to win a contest.
–Student will design and gain an appreciation for personally expressive art through the transformation of their digital self-portrait photo into a "Creepy Tale".
–Student will convert their color image into grayscale or leave it in color format.
–Student will digitally paint, colorize, or tint their image to enhance their mood.
–Student will remove the background from their image.
–Student will experiment with filters and special effects to alter their image.
–Student will add a background to accentuate their creepy mood.
–Student will save and digitally transfer their images into a digital portfolio.

NETS Technology Standard 6-Design, develop, & publish a product using technology resources to communicate curriculum concepts to audiences inside & outside the classroom.

Visual Arts Standard 1a- Select media, techniques, and processes to communicate ideas, reflect on their choices, and analyze what makes them effective.

3a- Consider, select from and apply a variety of sources for art content to communicate intended meaning.



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