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Design Process
Essentially the design process is a problem-solving process. The designer, similar to the laboratory scientist, will be more successful if they approach the problem in a systematic manner. Initially the designer will tend to experiment in a rather random manner, collecting ideas, techniques, and skills through experimentation.
New learning will develop through experimentation with materials and visual ideas and the ability to learn from one’s mistakes.
Creativity is often misunderstood. It is thought to be a type of flexibility of the mind. Studies have shown that creative individuals are more spontaneous and expressive. They also tend to trust their own judgement and ideas and are not afraid of trying something new. It is possible to develop one’s ability to think intuitively and creatively. Brain boosting activities exercised in this class are intended to expand the student’s creative thinking skills.
The ability to think in intuitive, non-verbal, and visual terms has been shown to enhance creativity in all disciplines. Thus, creativity is the ability to see connections and relationships where others have not. It has also been shown that the creative process is very similar in all fields.
Last Modified on July 24, 2014