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Are you Smarter than a Chimpanzee?
Test your short-term memory skill against Ayumu, a 5-yr old chimpanzee.

Short-term memory
Improving: Working memory.

Test your skill now
Ayumu the chimp
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If you're feeling like you've been chumped by a chimp,
Read why-Young chimpanzees rule in short-term memory tests against human adults
Read the"Working Memory of Numerals in Chimpanzees"Experiment
chimp wins
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Professor Tetsuro Matsuzawa, from Kyoto University, Japan who led the research said, "The chimps may have had more success at the memory tests because human ancestors lost much of the ability to memorize at a glance in order to make room for language skills."
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What do you think?
It has been said, "That working memory and visual attention can be improved with training and practice." To improve your memory and other cognitive abilities, click on my Brain Boosting Activities link.
Beat the Chimp
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Last Modified on July 3, 2014