Name: Nancy Juhola
                                                              Grade: 2

Welcome to Second Grade!

My educational belief is that all students have the ability to learn.

   This school year will be a year of new opportunities. We begin the school year getting to know each other. Then we jump right into our learning experience. I love to have my students become active learners. We start our reading experiences in 2nd grade with discussions of our favorite reading memories and places to read. The students begin to imagine themselves in the books they read. This becomes their reading memories, their favorite books.
    We don't stop there. I also love to teach math and science! We build on the basic foundations of math: addition and subtraction. By the end of the year - multiplication.  Science includes the life cycle of a butterfly, bats,  properties of matter, soil and more.
   I look forward to each and every day in the classroom. Let's have a fantastic year!