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KIS Student Council Information


The purpose of the Student Council of Killingly IntermediateSchools is:

1.    To promote better student-student, student-teacher, andschool-community relations.

2.    To encourage good citizenship.

3.    To develop better school spirit.

4.    To promote all school activities and act as a uniting forcefor all school organizations.

5.    To develop initiative and leadership.

6.    To provide school improvement projects.

7.    To provide an open forum for the discussion of school problemsand activities.

8.    To encourage scholarship.

9.    To give the students an opportunity to organize them by meansof a participating democracy.

10. To act as representative of the student body in such a mannerthat its decisions will be considered the decisions of the student body. *

*This is adopted from NASCconstitution



Hence, students who wish to apply for Student Council mustbe in good standing and be positive role models for other students at KillinglyIntermediate School. Four students shall be selected from each team to participatein the 2013-2014 student council. Advisers will elect candidates based upon:


1.    A professional letter of intent (submitted no later thanSEPTEMBER 20, 2013)

2.    Strong academic effort

3.    School and community involvement

4.    Positive leadership


All meetings will be held on Wednesday’s after school from2:30-3:30. Teachers, administrators, coaches, and the athletic director believethat students should be well-rounded citizens and should have the opportunityto participate in a variety of activities. Therefore, students who participatein sports are encouraged to attend meetings from 2:30-3:00, unless it’s a gameday, where students will be excused from the meeting.


An informational meeting will be held on September 18th,2013 after school in Ms. Mailhot’s art room, 115. Please see Ms. Zangerl or Ms.Mailhot if you cannot attend the meeting. All candidates who attend the meetingneed to have a ride home at 3:30.


** Reminder: all lettersof intent must be handed in to Ms. Mailhot or Ms. Zangerl by 12:30 on September20, 2013.

Letters submitted afterthis time will NOT be considered.



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Last Modified on September 15, 2013