Name: Ernest Miclette Jr.
Grade/Subject: 9-12   
Special Education
Transition Class: 10-12
Phone: 860-779-4133

Hello and welcome to my site. I am Mr. Miclette and I work with the special education students in grades 9-12. My position as a Special Education Co-teacher in the mainstream gives me the opportunity to work with special needs students in the academic environment as well as in a Resource room. I also have a Transition class with the 10th, 11th and 12th graders that is in two parts as single (1) semester classes.  This class will consist of; How to look for employment, How to fill out a job application and  Interview techniques, and their many forms, (Paper, Internet, Phone, Group, etc.) How to answer those difficult questions, "Tell me about yourself? Do you mind drug testing? Have you had any legal involvement?" etc. Knowing ones personality with its strengths and weaknesses, What is a 401K and IRA, as well as assisting with Naviance and some of the PGR's that are required for Graduation.